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Handcrafted With Natural Soy!
Beautifully Scented Soy Candles..

Non petroleum Waste Product!

 Breathe And Enjoy Your Beautiful Candle!

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Donna Lee's  Candles Are  handcrafted with 100% Natural Soy grown in the U.S.A. My wicks are paper cored. I prefer 100% Natural Soy because it is not a PETROLEUM WASTE PRODUCT!  And, Natural Soy does burn slower than paraffin! I’m able to enjoy my beautiful candle longer without and concerns of breathing in toxins!  

Much pride and passion are put into my products , giving you the quality product you deserve! 

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed





My Soy Candles will always give you a clean burn, with a beautiful fragrance that will last for the life of the candle!! (When I can’t burn my candle any longer, I scoop out the remaining wax and put it in my wax melter, to continue enjoying the beautiful fragrance!!)                                            
My Wax Melts and Tea Lights are also made with 100% Natural Soy!

My Palm Pillar Candles and Votives are made with the Amazing Palm Wax! The Crystallization it produces is beautiful! With Palm Wax, you will also be able to enjoy your candle longer, slow burning! 

Beautifully long lasting scented Aroma Beads in Sachets! The fragrance will last up to 6 months. The perfect air freshener for just about anywhere, Closets, dresser drawers, gym bags, luggage  even your car! Variety of fragrances to choose from, they come in beautiful Sachet Bags, giving you an option to hang them! 

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